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How to survive a shark attack

You're probably aware that a young girl was recently killed by a shark in Florida. (Story here.) With this in mind, Slate tells you what to do if you find yourself under attack by a shark:

The surfer who tried to save this weekend's shark attack victim says he defended himself by punching the shark with his bare fist. Is that a good idea? Shark attack experts suggest punching a shark only as a last resort. Rapid retreat tends to be a better plan. It won't help to play dead if a shark has you cornered. Instead, a smack to the face or snout—where sharks, like humans, have a high concentration of sensory receptors—can stun your attacker and give you enough time to escape. When a shark has you in its jaws, try poking at its eyes or gills.

Incidentally, you can read about what to do in case of a bear attack here.

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