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If Hillary becomes president, Bill's penis will be a national security threat

John Hawkins of Right Wing News interviews Ed Klein, author of 'The Truth about Hillary.' Some excerpts (emphasis added):

John Hawkins:Do you think [Bill Clinton's infidelity] could be a security liability for the United States [if Hillary were elected president]? Let's say a foreign intelligence agency gets Frank Gifford style pics of Bill Clinton having an affair and then asks Hillary to look the other way on something or face maybe a 6 month feeding frenzy in the press when it breaks? Do you think that could be a security liability for the US?

Ed Klein: I think that’s one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked in all the interviews that I’ve done. I hadn’t even thought of that. That’s a great question. Yes, absolutely, you know, given Bill Clinton’s lack of discretion, given his lack of judgment about whom he chooses to have sex with, who knows what kind of woman could be slipped through and sleep with him and, as you say, jeopardize the national security.

John Hawkins: Let me ask you another question related to all of this. Hillary herself once famously said, "I'm not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man,” which leads to an obvious question for a lot of people: why is a wealthy, powerful, very successful woman still staying in a marriage with a serial adulterer?

Ed Klein: Another good question and the answer in my view is because she doesn’t really care about the sexual infidelities. I’ve been criticized by the liberal media for suggesting that Hillary surrounds herself with a number of mannish and sometimes lesbian women and that she herself has had a fascination with lesbianism and radical feminism. The fact is that that’s true, whether it may not be politically correct to say so, but it happens to be the God’s honest truth, and I name many of these women in my book.

Hillary does not seem to have a great deal of interest in sex, whether it’s with men or women. She seems to be on the asexual side. Her interests seem to be power, not sex, and I don’t think she cares that much if Bill “cheats on her” as long as it doesn’t become public. When it becomes public, then it becomes not something she is pained about personally, but she’s embarrassed about politically because it undermines her political power. That’s why she cares about it at all.

John Hawkins: Let me ask you this: Are you saying that maybe she’s bisexualthat’s why she doesn’t care – is there something else here that’s at work?

Ed Klein: No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying that for all we know, given the evidence that we have, Hillary does not seem to be a -- what I would call -- a normal sexual person. A normal sexual person has sexual impulses or drives. She doesn’t seem to be driven by those same instincts. She seems to be driven by one thing which is the acquistion of power, the acquisition of being at the center of attention.


John Hawkins: We’ll finish up here. I know you’re pressed for time. Is there anything else you'd like to say about your new book ...?"

Ed Klein: Well, I’d like to get your – you know, maybe off the record, if you want, or however you want it – I’d like to get your opinion of the conservative view of my book.

John Hawkins: Off the record, pretty bad, Ed. I think that rape thing really hurt because a lot of people took a look at it and they said, "Alright, this is not going to help, it’s going to be a smear book, it’s another Kitty Kelley sort of thing" and I think a lot of people because of that are very, very cautious about it ...

Ed Klein: What can I do about it?

John Hawkins: Well, I think you can do just what you’re doing, sort of explaining it was taken out of context, you know ... I’d say just keep plugging. You know, go to some of the other outlets and just keep putting the word out there. I mean, you’re selling pretty well now; I think the last I saw you were 5th on Amazon last night. So I mean you are still selling books which is pretty good and I mean there are a lot of people who are going to read this.

Ed Klein: Let me tell you what I think is happening ... Hillary and the Clintons have a tried and true method of destroying their opponents. In my case what they’ve done is they identified my strongest point – which is my reputation, my background which is solid, and my track record which is, you know, impeccable -- and attacked that by trying to compare me to the tabloid Kitty Kelley type of writer -- which I’m not.

By throwing a lot of mud at me, some of the mud has stuck. Then when I try to respond to them on a national level through the mainstream media they have gone to the mainstream media -- meaning the TV news presidents, and executive producers of the major TV shows -- and threatened them with retaliation of withholding Hillary’s appearance on those shows. So I can’t respond on those national shows.

This is, I would say, you know, from their perspective, brilliant strategy, which has even seemed to work with some of my – I would think -- potentially conservative supporters because, you know, after all, we read all this stuff about somebody in the press and you say, “Gee, where there’s smoke, there must be fire.” But in fact, if you read my book, and it is my view, you’ll find it to be utterly responsible and not at all sleazy and a very intelligent assessment of a woman who is on the verge of becoming the next President of the United States.

Bonus excerpt: Klein provides irrefutable proof that he is a complete jackass:

Matt Drudge, whom I admire and respect a great deal...

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