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Kerry releases military records

Could wingnuts kindly shut up about this, now? (I'm looking at you, Malkin!)

... Kerry's comments:
The call for me to sign a 180 form came from the same partisan operatives who were lying about my record on a daily basis on the Web and in the right-wing media. Even though the media was discrediting them, they continued to lie. I felt strongly that we shouldn't kowtow to them and their attempts to drag their lies out.
Sounds about right to me.

UPDATE: The usually insufferable Marshall Wittman makes a good point:
... don't expect the right to be contrite about their lies about the Kerry war record. What will be the focus of the right will be the other Boston Globe story that W. and Kerry had almost identical academic records at Yale.

The Moose will gladly concede that Bush and Kerry had comparable school records if the right admits that Kerry was a far better patriot.


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