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Kos the misogynist (part 2)

Unhappiness with Kos's misogynistic streak abounds. (Background here.) Shakespeare's Sister writes:
Kos has a right to disagree with the sentiments of women who are offended by his decision. He also has a right to be condescending... dismissive… judgmental…insulting… egotistical… and demeaning... (As do his merry band of groupthink wankers, many of whose own sexism is put on display in the comments thread associated with the main post).

... With friends like these, who needs Republicans?
Alley Rat, commenting at Feministe, says:
There is a frightening willingness among many Democrats, it seems, to see “women’s issues” (vomit) as “special interest issues”, because women are some kind of fringe group and men are the core of the party. Same old, same old. Evidenced in the willingness to “compromise” on abortion rights ... maybe now is the time for a truly progressive third party that doesn’t consider middle class white men the “neutral” core and everyone else the fringe.
Also commenting at Feministe are blksista:
I get the picture that Kos is very uncomfortable with women with strong views and with those who live those views ...Kos is not a progressive, per se. He is a mainstream Dem ... Which is why he holds onto the mainstream line on certain issues while others like voter fraud are given the highway. He’s not into exploring anything beyond the pale, unless it begins to get traction and mileage that shows that it’s not just a figment of some people’s imagination.
and , who reallly hits the nail on the head:
The thing about Kos, and the reason he’s fallen off my list of favorite political bloggers, is that he’s not really a progressive — he’s a partisan Democrat. He’s been arguing lately that lefties need to set aside their “special interest” causes and embrace the greater good of the party ... I assume that this dismissal of a valid question of sexism is part of the Kos position of jettisoning anything that doesn’t directly contribute to the Democratic cause. ... I never thought I’d hear someone on “our” side say something so bigoted and hateful. Aren’t “we” supposed to be above that sort of thing? Of course, Kos does seem to get ultra-defensive whenever any issue regarding his advertising revenue is brought up.
Echidne's commenters also make good points.

Essentially, Kos is saying the same thing that Bobby Seale said about women in the 60's, "The only position in the movement for women is prone." That's the same place "we have more important issues" comes from.
The ad was off-putting, but Kos's response, and that of an upsetting number of so-called "progressive" posters, made me lose a great deal of respect for him and the site.
Brian Vaughan:
What bothers me far more than the ad could, is the overt sexism of Kos and his obsequious fans. If you've got a big chunk of your audience complaining something's offensive, you apologize and take it down, not lecture them on why they shouldn't be offended.But, Kos is a shill for the Democratic Party, and women's rights are off the official talking points now, anyway.
David Thompson:
The only thing that surprises me about this episode is that it took this long for you gals to realize that Kos is and has been consistently inconsiderate of the vaginated. What crystallized it for me was a post of his not long after the microKos was born. His tasklist for the day was to schmooze with some party hotshots and post to the blog; the wife's tasklist was to find a daycare for the kid ... "Hey fucktard, maybe *you* should get away from the keyboard long enough to find a daycare and let the wife get some rest."
Media Girl:
I'm shocked -- shocked! -- to learn that there is chauvenism on DKos! ... Kos and Armando make it quite clear that they will never -- never! -- bow to women. To do so would apparently be too much of an indignity.
Media Girl also has a roundup of reaction to Kos's comments.

UPDATE: Pam's House Blend weighs in:
Kos has been quite full of himself on many fronts for some time ...What it comes down to is that Kos's whoring for ad dollars (and this applies to most big, influential bloggers at this point) makes it clear that once blogging is your day job and your income is dependent on the ad buxxx rolling in, it can result in squishy politics -- and defensive behavior. Now he's just another dude trying to pimp his upcoming book with his built-in audience, so look for more of the same.

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