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This makes no sense. The Commons at Paulie's World:

LL's prediction: McCain will run as a third party presidential candidate in '08, in a move that may torpedo the Republicans' chances for continued control of the White House.

You know, that sounds like it's in the ballpark.

This makes no sense. Why, then, has McCain spent the last year sucking up to Dubya? Speaking of McCain, my take on this jackass is similar to that of Matt at Code Three:

A hero until he got punked by that little, weakling, draft dodging bitch George W. Bush. I kept trying to give McCain the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they had something on him, maybe he was waiting for just the right moment to strike and get his revenge, maybe he had some kind of master plan that I couldn't divine. Well, you know what? That shit ain't the truth. McCain is Bush's little bitch, plain and simple. Everytime he has the chance to get at Bush he doesn't. Even worse ... McCain is seen as the moderate conservative who gives a populist facade to Bush's ultra-right policies. But, in a way, I can forgive most of it. What I can not forgive is McCain's vote on Gonzales (that torture justifying, smug, piece of shit). After all those years of being tortured by the Viet Cong, McCain turns around and plays a pivotal role in getting Gonzales approved by the Senate?...

Fuck you John McCain and the movie you rode in on. I hope you rot in a special room in hell with Friedman, Colin Powell, Lieberman, and all the other enablers that allowed the Iraq war to happen by never standing up to the bully boy in the white house.


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