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More torture

This time, the victims included white people, so I'm expecting you GOPers to find this unacceptable:
Contractor alleges abuse by Marines

RENO, Nevada (AP) -- Security contractors were heckled, humiliated and physically abused by U.S. Marines in Iraq while jailed for 72 hours with insurgents, one of the detainees said Friday.

"It was disbelief the whole time. I couldn't believe what was happening," said Matt Raiche, 34, an ex-Marine who was one of 16 American and three Iraqi contractors detained at Camp Falluja last month.

"I just found it crazy that we were being held with terrorists, that we were put in the same facility with them," he told The Associated Press in an interview at his lawyer's office. "They were calling us a rogue mercenary team."

...One of his colleagues was slammed to the ground by a guard, he said.

"His head bounced off the asphalt." Raiche said. "He told me he heard one guard say to another, 'If he moves, let the dog loose."'

Raiche said his colleague told him that a guard then reached down and "squeezed his testicles so hard he could barely move."

When Raiche first arrived at the facility, he said a guard ordered him to the ground and put a knee in his back. He said he heard one Marine say, "How does it feel now making that big contractor money?"

Raiche said the Marines handcuffed them with "zip lock ties." When the detainees complained they were so tight they were losing circulation in their hands, they were cursed at and told to shut up, Raiche said.

It is a bit hard to feel sorry for these guys. Steve Gilliard doesn't:
Not that abuse is right, it isn't. But I can't say I feel more for them than I would Iraqis, and actually, a lot less. They went to this country to get rich off other people's suffering and to make doing the military's job harder by playing Rambo for profit.

However, whether or not you feel sorry for these contractors, one thing is clear: the US military is teeming with sadistic assholes.

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