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David Sirota:
Rarely can I bring myself to get through the usual Joe Klein column - there is only so much insular punditry from the confines of New York and Washington I can take on a weekly basis. But today, a friend of mine said I had to read Klein's new piece. By the time I was through reading it, I was literally laughing out loud at how the chattering class can keep regurgitating their own self-serving crap, no matter what the hard data says.

The basic premise of Klein's piece is that populism doesn't work - even though polls say Americans want the parties to start speaking up for their economic rights, and even though Democratic politicians in "red" states are using populism to win where the national party has failed. Klein essentially says America needs "a Party of Sanity" which he defines as one "representing the pragmatic centrism of the business and professional elites." Notice that just like other bloviating blowhards, he uses the term "centrism" yet provides absolutely no evidence that the Big Business agenda is anywhere near what mainstream America supports. Why? Because there is no evidence...

If that wasn't arrogant and elitist enough for you, he then disparages populism, saying people who want the parties to be more populist "tend to believe that the system is rigged by dark and powerful forces that prevent the little guy from getting ahead." He says this as if it is inaccurate and conspiratorial.

... the data shows the system IS rigged, no matter how much you and your rich friends are desperate to make Americans believe it isn't. You don't even have to believe these statistics either, Joe. If you spent a day or two to actually leave the plush confines of your office, drive out to the American heartland, and talk to AVERAGE people, maybe you'd suddenly be embarrassed at how out of touch with reality you really are.

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