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Poverty is a good thing?

In the interest of the principle of charity, I'm trying to find another way to interpret this post from Ace of Spades HQ (via Daou):
In my view, the American left is very fixated on equality of outcome. In other words, if the numbers of minority or female firemen, teachers or doctors is lower than that of their white male counterparts, it's all about racism, sexism, or the poor not being given a chance.

Never mind that people have different values, goals, skills and interests. If some people are rich, and some poor, that's a BAD thing. Nor do they take into account that people starting out in their careers, fresh out of school make less money than those with more years in the workforce.

It's the sentence in bold (my emphasis, BTW) that I'm talking about. It seems to be mocking the belief that it's a bad thing that people live in poverty. I would have thought the proposition 'poverty is bad' would be about as noncontroversial as they come. I thought even wingnuts believed that--or at least, that they pretended to.

Maybe conservatives are finally giving up the charade.

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