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Retraction necessary?

Remember the story about the kid in Texas who got 40-to-life for inducing a miscarriage by stomping on his pregnant girlfriend's stomach? Turns out the facts are significantly different than originally reported, enough so that Bitch Ph.D. feels compelled to issue a retraction:
Yes, I can too admit when I'm wrong

Apparently the guy was abusive; the young woman had bruises on her face and arm; her family actually wanted her to get an abortion (so their desire to pursue the guy wasn't based on that, presumably); and she had been keeping up her doctor's appointments until the fifth month, which doesn't look like a girl who wants to abort to me. Obviously it's impossible to read her mind, and I shan't really try to; it's very frustrating that, in this "abortion" story as in so many others, there's very little information on what the pregnant woman actually wanted or needed. But on learning more, it certainly doesn't look like an abortion story at all. It looks like an abuse story.

...I think it sucks that the State of Texas thinks that killing a baby is worse than stomping on a pregnant woman's belly, and I still say that those fetal protection laws are crap; if you want to protect fetuses, make assaulting a pregnant woman a crime.

I think Dr. B. might be going overboard in issuing a retraction, though. She did, in her original post, say things like this:
this young man--who was trying to help his girlfriend, who was trying to safeguard his and her futures--is now supposed to spend the rest of his life in jail.

That, I admit, now looks like it might not be the case. But the real source of outrage here--that in Texas, you can go to jail for the rest of your life if you cause a woman to miscarry, even if she wants you to do so, remains. In this case, the woman might not have wanted to abort the pregnancy, but it's just a matter of time before a case occurs in which the woman does want to end the pregnancy, and another person is charged with murder for helping her do it.

This law is fucked.

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