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The Mad Biologist says:

I'm really worried that the Republicans are going to successfully tar the Democrats once again as the 'anti-war/anti-soldier' party. Rove's vile statement was only the first shot. The Democrats need to hit back forcefully, even demagogically ... We can't spend the next twenty years tagged as the party 'which lost Iraq', even if the record clearly indicates that the Bush Administration is largely at fault. In light of the Durbin capitulation, I'm not optimistic.

... my guess is that Republicans see the US losing the war in Iraq, and they're laying the groundwork for the campaign to blame the loss on the anti-war movement (such as it is). If the US has to pull out of Iraq in defeat, you can be sure that this will be every wingnut's explanation, and they'll never stop repeating it. They've already engaged in such revisionist history regarding Vietnam; this time they're doing it pre-emptively.

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