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Treason! part 3

To hear Mark Noonan tell it, the US is just too darn nice for its own good:

We could, of course, defeat and humiliate the Arab/Moslem world. With our military and economic power, we could withdraw to the edges, build up a massive military array, and then start at one end of the Arab world and go on to the other end...destroying everyone who chooses to resist us along the way. This would take many years, would cost untold lives, and might not actually work in the long run...with the additional threat that while we were engaged in, say, Saudi Arabia, the Iranians would detonate a nuclear device in New York City. Divide and conquer is a good rule of warfare, and we don't want to fight the whole Arab/Moslem world...we'd rather work with it, hard as that is, in order to elminate just those elements who hate and destroy.

Our problem is, of course, compounded by those within the United States who act the part of traitor by failing to understand that when they say "its all about oil" or "Bush lied about WMD's", they are playing into the hands of Islamist enemies, making them fight us longer and harder.

So pointing out the truth = acting the part of the traitor.

Well, so be it.

Or, be like Mark and believe that it's pure coincidence that Iraq is sitting on top of one of the world's largest oil reserves, and that this war was fought because Bush, Cheney, & co. sincerely thought it would make the American people safer.

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