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Two perspectives on Koran desecration

Beth at My Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy:

It sounds to me like EVERYONE is sick of hearing about the so-called desecration of a damned BOOK. Yeah, a damned book ... since Korans are supposedly so easy to flush, they ought to be just as easy to SHOVE UP YOUR ASSES, moonbat and Moo-slum apologist crybabies!

This seems to capture the sentiment of most of the right side of the blogosphere (and a bit of the left side, too; while I wouldn't suggest that anyone shove the Koran up their ass, I'm not overly sympathetic to those who react violently to its 'mistreatment'). But One Hand Clapping has a different take:

I think that the abuses of the Quran ... are a bigger deal than most of my blogging colleagues seem to think. ... Basically, the Quran’s place in Islam is the same as the place of Christ in Christianity ...

The Quran is holy to Muslims in a different way that the Bible is holy to Christians. Until the rise of American fundamentalism about a century ago, the Christian assertion that the Bible was “the word of God” was understood more analogically than literally. That the texts of the Bible were inspired by God - James said the Scriptures were “God breathed” - wasn’t doubted, but the notion that the Bible was dictated verbatim by God is really only about 100 years old and is a small-minority belief among Christians today.

But the literal, verbatim dictation of the Quran by Allah to Mohammed, through the angel Gabriel, is a very basic tenet of faith of Muslims everywhere. The words of the Quran are affirmed not merely to have been inspired by Allah but they are the actual, very words of Allah. Therefore the Quran is for Muslims not just a book but the physical representation of the deity himself. So abusing the Quran is a hideous offense to Muslims more than the same abuse of a Bible would be to Christians. is crucial, as President Bush has emphasized, that the United States not be seen by Muslim peoples around the world as attacking Islam itself, only its malevolent practitioners. So the reports of the abuse of the Quran are more important than they might appear to secular, western Americans.

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