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"Abortion is wonderful"

Beautiful post by Pinko Feminist Hellcat, courtesy of Feministe:
I am not Kos, he of the "abortion is horrible, but I guess it should be legal" chant. I'm not one of those moderates who thinks that abortion should be somehow restricted depending upon the choices of the woman in question. I'm not one of those people who thinks that reassuring women that gosh, yes, abortion when the woman's life is in danger/raped/a victim of incest is okay, so you girls don't have to worry because you're not sluts who deserve punishment. I'm not one of those people who decry abortion as a necessary evil. I'm not one of those self-righteous misogynists who would pass judgement on pro-choicers, pregnant women, or women who chose to abort. I don't hate abortion.

I think it's wonderful.

I think it's wonderful because it frees women from unwanted pregnancies, it keeps women from enduring the risks and complications that can arise from pregnancy, and it gives them say over when they will have children. If ever.


In the comments at Alas, A Blog, alsis puts it succinctly:
. . . . I’d say that while there’s nothing particularly wonderful about the act of abortion, it’s also not “horrible,” to use Kos’ words from a month ago ... When guys say this kind of shit, you wonder if it ever occurs to them that the woman across the breakfast table from him (his wife, mom, sister, daughter) may well have had an abortion in secret, that she can only have the life with him that she has because she had one, and that some part of her is withering inside because the person closest in the world to her would think she was a “killer” or “horrible” if he knew.
If I was pregnant today, I would make an appointment at the nearest clinic. I would have an abortion with no regrets, no guilt, and no shame ... For me, abortion is not horrible, it's a godsend.


I am tired of looking for the middle ground, which has nothing but quicksand. I am tired of being reasonable, since in this political climate, being reasonable means elevate the fetus and ignore the woman. Being reasonable gets women who want an abortion shamed and blamed. Being reasonable gets the peanut gallery to examine your situation, pass judgement on you, and decide if you made a worthwhile decision.

Not. Your. Business.
Never forget: on demand and without apology.

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