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Do we have a game plan?

Ezra Klein:

So here's a question: can we actually block anyone that Bush wants? The last heroic victory was the rejection of Robert Bork, and that was pulled off by a 55-45 Democratic majority. I guess we can filibuster, at least assuming the nuclear option can be blocked, but what, realistically speaking, is the plan here? ... do Democrats have any possible chance of winning this without a filibuster?

I don't know. I assume that the various interest groups have been thinking about this for a while.

If we don't have a chance without the filibuster, then the Senate Dems will just have to grow a pair and filibuster. This is the time to pull out all the stops; there's really nothing to lose. No tactic should be out of bounds.

UPDATE: One of Ezra's commenters exhibits exactly the wrong attitude about this:

Only if the nominee is as bad as Janice Rodgers Brown should the Dems conduct a filibuster, since we will be labelled as obstructionists by the media - with a unified GOP attack and distortion machine behind them.

Repeat after me: WHO FUCKING CARES? Jesus. When are Democrats going to stop living in fear of what Republicans will say about them? I swear, way too many Dems are like geeks in high school who are obsessed with what the cool kids think about them - apparently not realizing that the cool kids are going to make fun of them no matter what they do.

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