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"The fundamental decision facing the Democratic Party"

According to David Sirota:
"The fact is, the Democratic Party has to make a choice: is it going to continue to follow the DLC, be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate America, and lose elections for the infinite future?" Sirota said. "Or is it going to go back to its roots of really representing the middle class and standing up for ordinary people's economic rights?"
Yep. A timely question, too, considering that Will Marshall has just written another pointless, idiotic screed exhorting Democrats to be more "patriotic," which Marshall seems to define as pouring even more money into the military budget, as well as Hillary Clinton's recent cozying up to the DLC.

Speaking of Hillary, she seems to think either that she's already got the nomination for '08 wrapped up or that she doesn't need/want the support of progressives. Since the day she arrived in the Senate, she's been doing everything she can to alienate them.

It's also possible that she's not planning on running, I suppose. But Dick Morris assures us that she is.

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