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Giving up already?

Norbizness has advice for lefties in a post titled Save Yourself The Ulcers, People:
Enjoy him until the year 2035. No use in trying to block him, I suppose. As for the people who thought that the President wouldn't nominate a young, lifelong conservative who believes in unlimited executive power and limited legislative power... then I guess you underestimated the size of the distraction that was needed to keep ol' Turdblossom out of the headlines for as long as possible. All in all, it could have been a lot worse, so I would suggest not freaking the fuck out and fuelling the distraction.

Hey, don't get mad at me for short-circuiting tens of pointless posts that will have no influence at all in getting anybody to invoke the filibuster (it ain't happening). I didn't lose the Presidential election.
A commenter echoes this sentiment:
I'm with you. He's going in, and he's nowhere near as batshit crazy as the other contenders. If the Democrats are smart, they'll let him move through quickly and get the spotlight back on Rover.
Boy, I'll admit that I don't understand this line of reasoning. It's one thing just to say that resistance is futile, but we're supposed to give up on something that's going to have ramifications for the next thirty years because it's a "distraction" from going after the basically inconsequential Karl Rove? Huh?

The Plame leak is being investigated; if Rove gets charged with a crime, it will be because of Fitzgerald, not Democratic activists. Aside from that, the best case scenario is Rove has to resign, Bush is embarrassed. Someone tell me how this is more important than the Supreme Court, which will determine the future of reproductive freedom in the US, among other things.

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