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Plutonium Page asks:

Fantastic. Alberto "the Inquisitor" Gonzales is a possibility... what could possibly be worse?

How about the fact that Gonzales is seen as being totally unacceptable ... by Republicans? And to such an extent that John Hawkins of Right Wing News would consider a Gonzales nomination to be a 'disaster' -

...given that we have a President who has promised to nominate conservative justices and 55 Republicans in the Senate, I should be totally confident and happy right now ... But instead, I feel like we're at the start of one of those movies where the "heroes" are "lovable" but goofy screw-ups like Adam Sandler or Chris Farley who are just as likely as not to turn a "can't lose" situation into a disaster. Except in those movies, everything turns out all right in the end, but in this case we'll somehow end up with Alberto Gonzalez on the court.

Could things be any more fucked up?

Don't answer that.

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