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Just a reminder

Of the mind-set of the other side:
While Terrorists Plotted Murder...

...what were our Democrats up to? Well, James Taranto over at Best of the Web Today is kind enough to remind us:
After all, what were American politicians doing while the terrorists were planning this morning's attack? The House, led by self-described socialist Bernie Sanders, was voting to prevent terror investigators from looking at library records. Rep. Charles Rangel was likening the liberation of Iraq to the Holocaust. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, was urging the administration to treat al Qaeda terrorists as civilians and comparing American servicemen to Nazis.
We are engaged in a war - and, dammit, it is downright unpatriotic to be undermining the war effort under the false-flag of political dissent. Political dissent involves dissenting from the President's health care proposals...but while our best and bravest are fighting the enemy abroad, dissent can never mean parroting enemy propaganda...and all too often that is just what our Democratic leaders are doing.

As I said about two years ago, it is time to decide which side of the river you are on. We have an enemy who wishes to destroy all of us - everyone from Michael Moore to Donald Rumsfeld. We have plenty of things we can argue over - but in fighting the enemy, there is no is kill or be killed.
What an asshole.

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