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More war propaganda, please

Mark Noonan on War of the Worlds:
It is still an amazing thing that we have not had a score or more movies about the War on Terrorism - back during World War Two, Hollywood churned out movie after movie on the war and made a bundle doing it. There is a little bit of the war on the big screen, but not much - and this is more because Hollywood doesn't know anything about it and thus cannot put it on the screen. The sort of war Hollywood can write about is Vietnam - horrific Americans doing nasty things for no good purpose; heck, in such a setting, they can even make the odd American heroic, though only if he stands athwart the stated purpose of America in the portrayed war. But in a war between Americans and fascist terrorists? Doesn't fit the script.

So, instead of mega-buck productions lauding the efforts of our magnificent men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, we get recycled movies based upon a century old book written by a man who really understood nothing of his own time, let alone anything of ours. War of the Worlds will make a pile of money, but it will add zero to the net wealth of the human race - its just a thing, and a waste of time.
Where's John Wayne when you need him?

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