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My Sister Souljah moment

I agree with Bill O'Reilly:
Here's the stark truth in the land of the free: Many American children under the age of ten can no longer play on their front lawns unsupervised for fear they may be abducted. Time after time we read about young kids being snatched, raped and murdered by known sexual offenders and our society seems powerless to stop the madness.

The latest is the horrific case of Joseph Duncan, a convicted child rapist who apparently murdered two adults, a 13-year-old and a 9-year-old boy in Idaho. When police arrested Duncan, he was having breakfast with the murdered boy's 8-year-old sister, who told authorities Duncan had brutally molested her for weeks.

...every state in the union must pass a criminal statute like Florida's Jessica's Law. That calls for a minimum 25 year-to-life prison term for a first offense sexual assault conviction against a child. And second, if these predators do manage to leave prison, they have to register their addresses with the federal government so a national database can track their movements. Any failure to do this--ten years in federal prison.

...Only 13 states currently have mandatory prison sentences of ten years or more for convicted child sexual offenders. The other 37 states are mostly chaotic in the way they adjudicate these cases ... The bottom line is that Jessica's Law could be and should be enacted quickly in every state. There is an urgency to this. And if your Governor doesn't get the urgency, give him a call and let him or her have it. Enough is enough with the brutalizing of American children. Every one of us must hold the lawmakers accountable and demand protection for the kids.
I am baffled by the leniency which sexual predators receive. The shit we put people in jail for, and child rapists get a couple of years? That's obscene.

What reason is there not to throw these subhumans in prison for life? What interest does society have in letting them walk the streets? What dictate of justice is obeyed by incarcerating them for a shorter period of time than low-level crack dealers?

The GOP is the party typically associated with "law and order" (read: harsh sentences and quick executions), but if Democratic politicians were smart, they'd be all over this. I think the tendency on the left is to see these kinds of issues as red herrings - at the end of the day, the chances of your child being abducted, raped, or killed are small - and they might be right. But the horrific nature of such crimes is enough to make this cause an important one.

Shasta Groene witnessed the murder of her family, and was then held, and sexually abused, for six weeks. Jessica Lunsford was sexually abused and then buried alive. Preventing the suffering these kids had to endure would have been worth almost anything.

Sex offenders are among the most dangerous and contemptible people out there; their existence is a mark of shame upon the human species. I see no reason to show any mercy toward them.

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