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NARAL on the O'Connor retirement

From a press release:
This will be a defining moment -- President Bush has to pick between what mainstream America wants and what the radical right demands. He can make good on his promises to unite the country by reaching out across party lines to find a consensus nominee who'll respect privacy rights, value women's freedom, and defend Constitutional traditions. Or he can keep his political promise to pick a Justice who will impose a political agenda on the court’s decisions.

One thing is very clear -- if the president makes this vacancy an opportunity to push his personal ideology, you can bet your last dollar he's got a real fight on his hands. The sixty percent of Americans who want Roe v. Wade left alone will not be silent this time.

The President shouldn't think he can get away with a stealth nominee, either. When hearings start, we'll be watching and listening -- and we will expect to hear probing questions and straightforward answers. Nobody should ask the American people to take a chance on someone who won't even tell us if they believe the Constitution defends our right to privacy.

I hope President Bush will spare the country the divisiveness of a controversial nomination for such an important office. But if that’s the route he chooses, pro-choice Americans are ready for the fight.

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