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Numbers game

These are George Bush's approve/disapprove numbers from a new AP-Ipsos poll:
Overall: 42/56

Economy: 42/56

Domestic issues (health care, education, etc.): 42/56

Foreign policy/war on terrorism: 51/48

Iraq: 40/59

Social Security: 35/61
What's interesting to me about these numbers is that yet again, Bush's approval ratings are utterly wretched, both overall and on specific issues - except for the "war on terrorism." I don't know this for sure, but I don't think Bush has ever dipped below 50% on this issue, even as his support in every other area sinks - even with regard to Iraq!

I can only conclude that the "Bush is good at fighting terrorism" myth that's been pounded into everyone's head by the "liberal" media has now reached the status of a necessary truth, or at least a fundamental law of nature. Even though people are able to understand the disaster that the Bush administration has become, they somehow can't bring themselves to apply this knowledge when someone asks them about Bush's "war on terror." It is as if saying they disapprove of Bush's foreign policy is akin to saying that a triangle has four sides.

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