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Politics is not a parlor game

A Kossack echos Drum's sentiment: just looks unseemly and petty to jump on a hideous terrorist incident like this and start posting about how Bush will spin it and how it reflects on Bush's or Blair's political fortunes. Over 40 innocent citizens are dead, people! Have some respect! Who gives a flying fuck about the political repercussions?

"Who gives a flying fuck about the political repercussions"?!!? I do, and so should you.

The unstated assumption behind comments like this seems to be that 'politics' is something trivial compared to matters of life and death. Well, politics might be a game for some people, but for me and many others, politics is a matter of life and death. The reason this shit is important isn't just because we want our side to 'win'. We aren't fighting about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination, for instance, just for shits and grins, but because people's lives hang in the balance.

This isn't a fucking hobby. 'Politics' is, for most of us, simply the practice of critically analyzing the most important issues of our time. Asking us to put aside politics for the day is tantamount to calling for a moratorium on rational thought.

Which, of course, is precisely what the Right would like, and precisely what they got in the aftermath of 9/11.

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