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A reduction in bleakness

Josh Buermann notes this somewhat less-than-ebullient passage from New York Review of Books:
The so-called Global War on Terror, or GWOT, as the Bush administration initially labeled America's offensive against vaguely defined dark forces, certainly has achieved some successes —notably in Afghanistan where, for all the current unrest, life is perhaps less bleak than under Taliban rule.
Life is perhaps not as "bleak" - it's still quite bleak, mind you, but not so much as it was before. Maybe. It's also possible that it's just as bleak, or even bleaker. But we're pretty sure it's less bleak.

Perhaps we could commission a poll to ask Afghans how bleak they feel. Something like:

How bleak would you say your life is?

a. It's pretty fuckin' bleak.
b. It's not so much bleak as it is horrific.
c. Life is good!

Then we could compare the results to similar pre-invasion polls, and then we'd find out whether the whole thing was worth it or not.

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