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Slightly troubling

We'll know shortly who Bush is going to pick, but if it's Edith Jones, this is kind of troubling:
…Ms. Jones is controversial. She was part of a 3-judge panel that ruled on a gruesome sexual harassment case in 1988. The plaintiff had alleged that her supervisor and others had repeatedly propositioned her, that she was groped and grabbed, that obscene comments about her were played over the company’s public address system, that pornography was placed in her locker and she was the subject of obscene graffiti scrawled on the company’s walls.

That, according to the plaintiff, constituted a hostile work environment.

Judge Jones seemed to find it significant that some of the plant’s employees were blue-collar workers, as opposed to “lawyers” or other “white-collar” workers. “We’re dealing with people whose standards are different,” she said.

The plaintiff’s lawyer noted that her client had complained when “one of the guys pinched her breast.”

Judge Jones replied, “Well, he apologized.”

There were gasps in the courtroom.

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