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Stop complaining please

Mark Noonan is whining because Democrats might put up a fight over the Supreme Court:

Elections have consequences - the consequence of the last election is that the Democratic Party as a whole, and its leftwing branch in particular, has an exceptionally limited role in choosing nominees from the executive branch. Trust me, lefties, I didn't like it in the least when the leftist extremist Ginsburg was nominated for the Supreme Court...but I was of the Party, at that time, which had lost the last election; we were in the minority in Congress and we didn't hold the White House. The American people had spoken and, for good or ill, the destiny of our nation was largely in the hands of liberal Democrats.

The left really needs to grow up and start acting like responsible citizens in a representative Republic. You don't always get what you want - heck, you should be happy if, in the hammer and anvil of politics, you get even a third of what you want. You lost. Get used to it - get busy re-crafting your message and try again in 2006 and 2008. If you do this, then you might get to have a fun time watching the right in a funk as a liberal Democrat appoints liberal Democrats as far as the eye can see. Meanwhile, however, the results of the last election put conservative Republicans in charge of such things...and we're going to get our way in the matter.

OK - then what the fuck are you complaining about? If Democrats have no say in the matter, why are you so concerned with what they're saying?

And surely you can't blame them for trying to make their role in the nomination process as large as they can, as long as they 'play by the rules'. Why shouldn't Democrats demand a say in it? If, like you say, the president doesn't have to let them, then who cares? Can you blame them for trying? You do understand that in politics, each side tries to have as much of a say as possible in what goes on - right?

Republicans seem to be unable to break the habit of complaining about the other party trying to stop them from enacting their agenda, which doesn't co-exist well with their desire to gloat over the results of the last election. Your side is in complete control, as you never tire of pointing out, so seriously: what the fuck are you complaining about?

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