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Stop the presses

A conservative blogger, Slublog, agrees with Ted Kennedy about Rick Santorum and his "blame child rape on Boston" thesis:
So liberals and Boston are to blame for the church's sexual abuse scandals. Right.

The sexual abuse is not a result of 'cultural liberalism' or acceptance of 'alternative lifestyles' and Santorum sounds silly making such an argument. It's a result of the decisions made by sick individuals to abuse children and betray the trust of those they were charged to serve.

I've never been all that impressed with Senator Santorum. This column illustrates why. The high regard some conservatives hold for Santorum confounds me. Sure, the guy is a conservative, but given his habit of saying really stupid things, he makes a terrible poster boy for conservatives.
Of course, Slublog can't mention Ted Kennedy without making a reference to Mary Jo Kopechne, or else he would lose his conservative credentials.

Anyway, I don't think any of us will have to worry too much about ol' man-on-dog Santorum come 2007.

UPDATE: Another voice from the right echos Slublog's sentiment. Has Santorum 'jumped the shark' with the right wing?

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