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From Yahoo News:
A giant column of smoke rises more than 60,000 feet into the air, after the second atomic bomb ever used in warfare explodes over the Japanese port town of Nagasaki, on August 9, 1945. Dropped by the U.S. Army Air Forces B-29 plane 'Bockscar,' the bomb killed more than 70,000 people instantly, with ten thousands dying later from effects of the radioactive fallout. According to AP-Kyodo polling 60 years after World War II ended, Americans are far more likely than the Japanese to expect another world war in their lifetimes. Most people in both countries believe the use of a nuclear weapon first is never justified. Two-thirds of Americans say the dropping of the bombs was unavoidable, while only 20 percent of Japanese felt that way and three-fourths said it wasn't necessary.
This has nothing to do with anything, except the fact that I just saw this picture on Yahoo, but in my opinion the US will always bear the shame of having been the first country to ever use an atomic bomb. 70,000 people killed instantly.

Two-thirds of Americans think it was "unavoidable"?!? Two-thirds of Americans are deluded.

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