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Wink wink

It's a miracle! According to Majikthise, this statue of Jeebus actually opened one of its eyes!

Scores of faithful Christians converged on Hoboken, N.J., yesterday to get a firsthand glimpse of a plaster statue of Jesus that enraptured witnesses say opened one of its eyes.

"It's an absolute miracle," said Peggy Dyer, 41, a traffic attendant, as she gazed into the 2-foot statue's brilliantly blue right eye.

...True believers started coming to the scene outside a Jackson St. housing project two days ago after Julio Dones began telling people that one of the eyes suddenly opened as he was cleaning the "sleeping" statue.

"I looked up, and saw the eye was open and light blue, like the sky," said Dones, 52, who is partially blind himself and goes by the nickname Sly.

"God wants the people to know he's present," the unemployed man said, adding that he found the statue in a Jersey City garbage bin a year ago.

A carnival atmosphere surrounded the winking Jesus yesterday. Onlookers young and old - many of whom had seen the statue previously when both of its eyes were closed - wondered aloud how something like this could happen. And how it might change their lives.
My personal favorite quote from this article:
Anthony Purvis, 11, silently stared at the statue for about 90 seconds and then turned to four of his boisterous friends and said, "If the other one pops open, I'm going to run. I'm out of here."

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