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Worth it?

John Cole (via Daou):
Hussein charged for his crimes ... Now watch Democrats shoot themselves politically by running around saying things like "Sure Saddam Hussein was a bad person but was it worth _____________."

Because you just know they will. They can't resist. When you have your sightings of said behavior, document them here in the comments.

And, because someone will accuse me of being unfair to Democrats, and will inevitably say something snotty in the comments like "Well, what SHOULD they say," here is what they should say:

"I am glad that Saddam Hussein will finally be made to pay for his horrible crimes."

That is it. That is all they need to say, or some variation on that. There need be no killer 'but,' as there will be plenty of time to attack Bush and Republicans about the war later on. Instead, they will overstep (AGAIN), and look like a bunch of idiots.
I wonder who Mr. Cole thinks will view them as idiots? His Republican buddies? Certainly not the nearly 60% of the American public that thinks the Iraq war wasn't worth fighting.

Furthermore, those who think that Saddam's crimes justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq are presupposing a false dichotomy - that the only way the Iraq people could be free of Saddam was via a US invasion. There's no way of knowing if this is the case or not (and if it is, the US government bears a portion of the responsibility for that fact, given the brutal US-supported sanctions regime which put the Iraqis in no position to overthrow Saddam).

Furthermore, Saddam's been out of power now for a year and a half. Even if his brutality did justify the initial invasion, a separate argument needs to be made to justify the continued occupation.

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