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Arianna, please fire this man

The Huffington Post continues to endanger whatever credibility it might otherwise be earning by publishing the nonsense of the charlatan Deepak Chopra. Here's an excerpt from his most recent post:
In essence, every act of observation transforms the Universe. Since observation cannot happen without interpretation, every interpretation becomes a reality. For us Human Beings, this has enormous implications, because we are linguistically programmed. Language does not describe, it creates. It conceives, governs, constructs, and becomes reality. Many times in many conversations, even with intimate friends, I have found myself in a quandary because we were using the same words but they meant different things to us. On looking up the dictionary, I found we were both right! Freud remarked "neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity and ambivalence." Our current need for certitude as a society may be an indication of our collective neurosies where we always want to see things as black or white, right and wrong, etc.
Fuck off.

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