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At Daily Kos, it's politics over principle

Every day I become more and more disillusioned with the Daily Kos, the left's most prominent blog. His misogyny has been on display for quite some time now, and the condescension and abuse that meets anyone who dares speculate about whether an election maybe isn't on the up-and-up is downright ugly.

Now, NARAL has issued a statement calling on liberal bloggers to take abortion rights seriously:
With the Roberts nomination front and center, choice is being talked about more and more, especially on some of the most well-known political blogs. But what's disturbing is that choice and abortion are being discussed--in blogs and in the media--more as a political tool than as an issue that affects women's lives.

So NARAL is issuing a call to action. We've listed five of the some of the most well-known progressive blogs below--go to them and make your voice heard. Use their comments sections to make sure that choice is being discussed as something that affects women, not just politics.
Kos's response:
Problem is, politics can't be divorced from the issue. So NARAL goes around endorsing Republicans like Chafee because they talk a good game about choice. But then, Republicans like Chafee vote for people like Trent Lott and Bill Frist as majority leaders. And then they vote to confirm reactionary anti-privacy, anti-choice judges like Janice Brown.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion Democrats like Harry Reid don't vote for Frist or Lott, and they don't vote to confirm reactionary anti-choice judges like Janice Brown. There's no doubt Chafee will vote to confirm Roberts, regardless his record on choice, and yet NARAL would still rather endorse Chafee?

You know, nothing says they have to endorse an anti-abortion Democrat, but clearly they don't understand that good politics -- turning the Senate Democratic is far more beneficial for their issue (women rights) than anything the Republicans can muster.

Until NARAL (and the rest of the single-issue groups) understand that building a movement is more beneficial to their causes than singular devotion to their pet causes, I can't take them seriously.

Divided those groups are being picked off, one by one. Trial lawyers, you're next up. United, the Republicans stand.

The groups I take seriously? MoveOn, Democracy for America, National Political Hip Hop Conference, the bloggers -- groups that are working to build an effective progressive movement, not a single issue. Because when Democrats regain power, choice, the environment, worker's rights -- the whole gamut -- will be protected.
Promises, promises. Just wait until the Dems are back on top - then gumdrops will rain from the sky and abortions will be available on every street corner!

Now, there's an argument to be made that NARAL should indeed look at the "big picture" politically speaking. But here's the thing - progressives don't trust the Democratic Party's rhetoric. We don't believe your promises. Kos's attitude toward abortion rights is typical - it's a "pet cause." I don't know that I've come across a more insulting statement on a supposedly progressive blog. In Kos's mind, a woman's right to basic physical autonomy is a "pet" issue. Easy for him to say.

Kos tells NARAL to put aside its quarrel with anti-choice Dems in order to "build an effective progressive movement." Translation: party politics comes first, principle comes second (if at all).

Kos's ego has grown to gargantuan proportions over the years, and as time goes on he lets his true colors show more and more.

Too bad. We could have had a real leader; instead, we get a faux-progressive party hack with a Napoleon complex.

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