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Atrios on Malkin

Ever since this post, in which Mithras called Michelle Malkin a "far-right affirmative action hire who is so bigoted she'd arrest herself for trying to cross a border" and said that "if she didn't have tits, she'd be stuck writing at," bloggers right and left have been defended the poor, defenseless Mrs. Malkin from this vicious attack.

Atrios, however, is having none of it:
... the entire right wing of the blogosphere has leapt to the defense of the racist Michelle Malkin. Fascinating. There's rarely a bigot they won't defend ...

Just so we all understand, in the year 2004 Michelle published a book justifying an act that Ronald Reagan apologized for - the mass arrest of Japanese immigrants and Japanese-American citizens of America based on nothing other than their ethnic background. Anyone who links to her or promotes her in anyway may as well be promoting the Klan or That includes you Chris Matthews.

The publication of that book, which she did to appeal to the Little Green Snotball brigade, will be a stain on her soul for all eternity. I intend to remind the world of it at every opportunity.
What can I say - when he's right, he's right.

UPDATE: Here's what Ass Missile has to say about Malkin:
I've been an admirer of Michelle M. for a long time, and over the past year she's become a friend. It would be possible, no doubt, to imagine a nicer, more fair-minded and fun-loving person than Michelle, but don't hold your breath waiting to meet one.
All I have to say is that if I thought for one second that that statement were true, I would immediately commit suicide. A world in which Michelle Malkin was the nicest and most fair-minded person you would ever meet is not a world in which I would want to live.

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