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Ben, you're not supposed to say that shit out loud

Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.

Don't you know that it's only us unhinged moonbats who refer to the United States as an empire? What will the guys at Power Line think? You're never going to escape the ghetto writing stuff like this:
America faces a crossroads. Since the death of the Soviet Union, we are unquestionably the world’s only superpower, the world’s remaining empire. Acquiring an empire requires a different mindset than maintaining and expanding one. Empires either decline or they grow. If America is to survive and flourish, Americans must realize that empire isn’t a choice: It’s a duty.

...That is why impatient isolationism serves us ill in Iraq. Did Iraq pose an immediate threat to our nation? Perhaps not. But toppling Saddam Hussein and democratizing Iraq prevent his future ascendance and end his material support for future threats globally. The same principle holds true for Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and others: Pre-emption is the chief weapon of a global empire.

No one said empire was easy, but it is right and good, both for Americans and for the world ...
Outside the Tent compares Mr. Shapiro to a certain German dictator:
Ben is saying that even though Iraq didn’t pose a threat, the U.S. needs to beat up a country like Iraq every now and then to prevent it from becoming a future threat and to maintain the American empire. Ben even proposes a few future targets. Substitute Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands for “Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and others” and who does this sound like?

Normally I’m loathe to compare wingnuts like Ben to Hitler or other Nazis. And there is one important difference here between Ben and Hitler. Hitler was at least willing to put on a uniform.

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