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Fallenmonk via Scriptoids reprints an article from the Miami Herald on the "Seven Political Blasphemies of contemporary America." They are -

1. Not every deployment of U.S. troops is, by definition, a noble exercise.

2. It is overly simplistic to dismiss all those who resist the American presence in Iraq as "terrorists."

3. It can be argued that the world is not better off without Saddam Hussein.

4. Not every society is ready for American-style capitalism and democracy.

5. The word of God is what one chooses to believe, not a universal truth that unerringly applies to all people.

6. The American social model may not be every reasonable person's idea of a perfect society.

7. Criticizing the U.S. government is not synonymous with criticizing America.

The full article elaborates further.

I especially like one, two, and three. Seven should be obvious enough. Five smacks of a weird, new agey relativism - the true 'word of God' would pretty much be the epitome of a universal truth. What religious people believe is either true or not; its truth is not dependent upon who believes it.

Four and six would have to be laid out with much more specificity than is contained in the article before I could say anything one way or the other.

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