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Cindy Sheehan is an anti-Semite, too

According to Power Line, anyway, who says that the "old brew" of "Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism" has been poured into a "new bottle," said bottle being Cindy Sheehan. The evidence? A link to blogger Solomonia, who uncovers the diabolical, racist truth behind the Sheehan juggernaut - namely, that the organization which Sheehan is affiliated with, Crawford Peace House, had an article on their website that (gasp!) criticized Israel! Hell, why doesn't she just slap a swastika on the front of that floppy hat and be done with it!

Sweet Jesus, the GOPers are getting desperate in their attempts to swift-boat Sheehan.

Slublog thinks the left blogosphere is going to be jumping off the Sheehan bandwagon before too long:
Over the next few days, as we learn more about Sheehan's past statements and associations, the media and liberal blogs will slowly start to separate themselves from her.
Maybe. But not unless they've got something better than this.

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