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Cindy Sheehan is a liar and a murderer who deserves to be smacked in the face

How do I know? The right-wing blogosphere told me so.

... the same blogger also made this remark:
On November 13, 1942, the following 5 brothers were all killed in the sinking of the USS Juneau during the Battle of Guadalcanal:

George Thomas Sullivan, 27, Gunner's Mate Second Class
Francis "Frank" Henry Sullivan, 25, Coxswain
Joseph "Red" Eugene Sullivan, 23, Seaman Second Class
Madison "Matt" Abel Sullivan, 22, Seaman Second Class
Albert "Al" Leo Sullivan, 19, Seaman Second Class

Question: Just exactly how hard do you think their mother, Mrs. Alleta Sullivan, would slap Mrs. Sheehan for her actions?
What do you know - looks like Michelle Malkin isn't the only wingnut that can read the minds of dead people!

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