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Cindy Sheehan

If anyone is still unconvinced of the nearly complete lack of character on the right side of the blogosphere, a look at how right-wing bloggers have responded to Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier who died in Iraq and is now looking to hold the Bush administration accountable, should put any remaining doubts to rest.

Almost every prominent wingnut blogger has made a few snide remarks about Sheehan, but this post from Angry in the Great White North (via Daimnation via Daou) stands out as being particularly ugly:
...This is a woman in pain, but she is using her son as a weapon against those she has come to hate.

I find that creepy. Casey, who voluntarily re-enlisted in the Army after his first hitch was up, who earned a Bronze Star, and who as a mechanic was not expected to see combat but who volunteered to join a rapid rescue team being formed to get a convoy of soldiers from his unit out of trouble in Sadr City, that action being the one in which he died, seemed to want to serve. Indeed, his mother Cindy admits this:

An Eagle Scout, devout Catholic committed to his parish, saw the Army as another way of serving. His mom [Cindy Sheehan] says, "My son was brave; he didn't want to go to war. But he joined the Army and he volunteered to go on the mission that killed him because his buddies needed to be rescued."

Sounds like a woman angry with her adult son's decisions, but who can't come to terms with her anger at her dead son, and who instead rages against those she sees as having created the circumstances of the anger she cannot face or admit to.

Psychologists call it displacement ... She can't be angry at her dead son, so she gets angry at the President. An acceptable target? Of course, judging from the vitriolic postings at places like Daily Kos. A patriotic family would have had all sorts of concerns about targeting the president, but Cindy Sheehan reads the vile comparisons of Bush to Hitler, or Bush to a chimpanzee, and the threats to impeach, to arrest, to harm or kill the president (carefully veiled, of course).

Now she can blame the President for her son's death, instead of blaming her son for making an adult decision in time of war, or even more troubling, blaming herself for raising a son who would hear the call and serve with distinction.

Cindy Sheehan is a troubled woman.
Wow - Republicans* really are a talented bunch. Bill Frist could apparently diagnose Terri Schiavo via low-res videotape, and now this genius is able to psychoanalyze someone he has never met and knows almost nothing about. Truly impressive.

I swear, I don't know why I even read the right-wing blogs. All I can do is marvel at the depths of depravity that they can reach.

*And their Canadian counterparts, whatever you call them. (Updated 8/9)

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