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Fuzzy math

Michelle Malkin has a post called "The Forgotten Victims of Choice" that's stupid even for her. Commenting on the handful of deaths that have resulted from the use of RU-486 (the 'abortion pill'), Malky writes:
Interesting that the usual crowd of pharmaceutical-bashers, who undoubtedly would have lobbied for any other drug with such health outcomes to be pulled, have nothing to say about these deaths.

The silence of women's health advocates is even more damning.
INDC explains what's wrong with Michelle's 'reasoning' - she ignores the fact that the fatality rate of RU-486 is actually extraordinarily low when compared to other common drugs - as well as child birth.
So, while 1 in 92,000 women have died from RU-486 side effects since the drug's US approval, 1 in 3,700 American women have died in childbirth during the same period, making actually giving birth 25 times more deadly than having a chemical abortion.
I'll let you know the second I hear about Malkin issuing a retraction.

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