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Here we go again part 2

Mark Noonan is ready to declare war on Iran:
From the New York Times: "Many of the new, more sophisticated roadside bombs used to attack American and government forces in Iraq have been designed in Iran and shipped in from there, United States military and intelligence officials said Friday..."

If this is true, then we have an act of war by Iran against both the United States and Iraq. We'll have to see if anything comes of it - but we must expect that if the bombs are coming from Iran, then before too long our government will make an issue of it.

...we'll soon have our army freed from the day to day security concerns of Iraq...then we'll be well positioned to deal with any nation which, say, provided bombs for the terrorists in Iraq.
Well, those troops have got to go somewhere besides home, right, Glenn Reynolds?
I suspect that there's a rather complicated dance going on, with the U.S. reassuring various Iraqi factions that we'll be there long enough, while also reassuring them that we won't be there forever -- and making clear to them that they shouldn't plan on us being there forever.

One question is where U.S. troops will go from there: Syria? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Or elsewhere? I suspect we want to keep people guessing about that, too.
A reader of Brian Leiter deserves credit for noticing that Reynolds is, in Leiter's words, "pimping for perpetual war."
Glenn wonders where the troops will go once they leave Iraq. Iran and Saudi Arabia just two tempting possibilities, Glenn says. Apparently "home" isn't an option for them. Glenn also seemingly praises the Bush administration for not letting our countless enemies, or the American people, in on its plans for endless war - better to keep us all guessing, Glenn says while licking the boot attached to his face.

I think this post encapsulates the war-crazed right rather well: the assumption that more wars - anywhere, everywhere, doesn't really matter where - must be forthcoming. The eager submission to authoritarianism and fascism. The ignorance (Iraqis need to be told, gently but firmly, that we won't be able to stick around forever, Glenn says). The barking madness. It speaks for itself.

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