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I don't think so

Supposedly Representative-in-waiting Jean Schmidt, the Republican who beat Paul Hackett in the Ohio special election, is going to attempt to pass a law prohibiting bloggers from telling lies:
When “Mean Jean” Schmidt gets to Washington, what will her first piece of legislation be? According to Whistleblower Research Bureau Chief Fearless Ferrett, word is she’s already busy working on her Bloggers Reform Act of 2006, that’ll require hosts to be personally criminally liable for all the lies published on their blogsites.
Anyone want to bet any amount of money that this legislation will never see the light of day?

Power Line et al. would basically have to close up shop.

UPDATE: This report might not be true ... Schmidt's office apparently denies it. No explanation on where the story originated yet.

... I mean, it originated with the Whistleblower, but I'm not familiar with that publication, and I don't know where they got the story in the first place (pulled it out of their ass?).

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