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I hate freedom

From The Conservative Voice via Daou:
Liberals Hate Freedom, Not War

"How DARE you imply that we hate freedom?" That's what red-faced Liberals say, even as they protest against the war for freedom in Iraq and call our President a war criminal.

Liberals are such hypocrites, and I for one am sick of it.

Our brave men and women in uniform are fighting and dying on foreign soil, thousands of miles away from their homes, so that these misguided, misanthropic Liberals can exercise their Constitutionally protected rights to whine, moan and protest in public. [Ed.-Actually, that's not why they're fighting and dying.]

It reminds me of a flashback to the radical anti-war protests of the 1960s and '70s. These modern radical Leftists might not be wearing their old-fashioned Birkenstocks and tie-dyed t-shirts, but their cowardly, anti-American mentality is the same as it has always been. They don't want to pay the price for their own freedom, let alone anyone else's. Their last presidential nominee even threw his own Vietnam War medals away. Yet they assume an obnoxious air of moral superiority because they are supposedly "anti-war."

Conservatives, on the other hand, truly love freedom - so much so that when necessary, they are willing to fight to preserve and protect it, as well as to export it around the world and extend it to other peoples less fortunate than we are.

...Bill Clinton was one of the worst Presidents in American history. He disgraced the Oval Office, and he spent more time hiding his numerous girlfriends from Hillary than he did working on foreign policy matters ...

Yet when newly elected President Clinton launched his 1993 "nation-building" experiment in Somalia, by turning U.S. troops over to incompetent United Nations commanders, most Conservatives supported our soldiers - even though they disagreed with Clinton's unconstitutional action and the deadly disaster that it ultimately produced at Mogadishu.

When Clinton later sought NATO military action in the former Yugoslavia, intervening in behalf of the desperate Bosnian Muslims who were being slaughtered in a ruthless campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Serbs, most Conservatives did not protest - despite the fact that no vital U.S. interest was being threatened in the Balkans. [Ed.-This is actually a complete lie. See here.]

...Why? Conservatives love freedom!

But when newly elected President Bush responded to the devastating 9-11 terrorist attacks by deposing, first the Taliban's misogynist mullahs in Afghanistan and later the brutal tyrant Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the clueless Liberals literally screamed bloody murder.

...Liberals don't really hate war. They hate freedom. It is time for these misguided, guilt-ridden, hypocritical Leftists to 'fess up and just be honest with the American people.

...Listen up, Liberals! Why don't you want the women and children of Iraq to have the same freedoms as you do here in America? If you don't love freedom, move to Cuba. Then you won't have the rights you now enjoy, and you won't have to worry about your spoiled, pampered children having to go to war to defend them.
You don't suppose that last line is a reference to Cindy Sheehan, do you?

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