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Ass Missile writes:
Because the Democrats and the national press live in a bubble, they simply don't understand that most Americans don't view the world the way they do. In particular, most people don't react positively to war protesters, candlelight vigils, anti-American and anti-Semitic slurs, etc. Consequently, while the Dems thought they had finally broken through with their exploitation of Cindy Sheehan--granted, no one has ever been exploited more willingly--most Americans were either indifferent to Ms. Sheehan or repelled by her.
Would you interpret this as accusing Ms. Sheehan of anti-Semitism? If so, Ass Missile (and Hitchens, and anybody else making such accusations) better put up or shut up - as in, present some evidence of anti-Semitism on the part of Sheehan - or he could end up getting his ass sued.

(Despite what various wingnuts like to think, calling for Israel to get out of Occupied Palestine is not equivalent to anti-Zionism, and even if it were, anti-Zionism is not equivalent to anti-Semitism.)

By the way, what is the evidence for the alleged indifference and repulsion of the American people to Cindy Sheehan? A poll indicating that Sheehan's 'favorable' rating is 35% and her 'unfavorable' rating is 38%. In other words, opinion is split, with a substantial percentage that doesn't know who the hell Sheehan even is. Big surprise. Somehow this is being spun into a rejection of Sheehan by the American public - ignoring the fact that the same poll says that only 55% of Americans are following the story at all closely.

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