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Great post from Jesse at Pandagon:
Donklephant indirectly reminds me of one of my least favorite blog-related phenomena: the "I'm not really conservative" conservative blog.
And by the way, they’re defining Instapundit as a conservative blog so the methodology might not be as cut and dry as they might hope. I definitely think Glenn Reynolds in center-right, but he’s certainly no Little Green Footballs.
As I remarked, if LGF is the benchmark for conservatism, there are only about 10 conservative blogs on the internet, and most of them have the word "Aryan" in the title.

Glenn Reynolds pioneered it, but a whole host of other conservative bloggers (Hottentotten, Remainder L. Simon, etc.) have perfected it - they're entirely Republican/conservative shills, yet adamantly declare when it's convenient that they aren't conservative because of a position they haven't dusted off since the last time they wanted to prove they weren't conservative.

... Soon, the conservative blogosphere will consist of nothing but Michelle Malkin, albeit a Michelle Malkin who receives 150 trackbacks from "centrist" blogs who cheer her on as she erroneously blames a Mexican for blowing up a building that was actually destroyed by a gas leak.

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