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More on the ingrates at Daily Kos

I know this is of interest to about three people, and I know I said I would stop bashing those who are supposed to be my political allies, but I thought this post from Michael at Reading A1 was an apt response to Armando's nonsense.

This was Armando's post on the night of Paul Hackett's defeat (which is supposed to somehow be a victory):
Let me be the first asshole to tell you that bullshit fraud theories and bullshit conspiracy theories are not welcome.

Markos has said it. He means it.

I believe tonight was a great night and a sign that a Fighting Dem Party can and will take back the Congress in 2006.

I don't want to hear baseless theories on fraud and other nonsense. I think, no, I know markos feels the same way.

You want to waste your time, do it somewhere else.

... once you start diarying your cock and bull fraud theories, markos will show you the door. With my applause in the background.
The response at Reading A1:
Quite a performance, no? I've never seen anybody puff his chest out quite so far, or strut quite so hard ... just to proclaim himself somebody else's bitch.

...Another one of nature's Republicans in Democratic clothing—and another in the lengthening list of reasons why I've virtually stopped checking in over at Daily Kos ...

A thug's a thug whatever his ideology. On an inspirational night when an insurgent Democratic candidate came within an eyelash of taking a safer-than-safe GOP House seat, buoyed by a campaign that testified to the strength of the revivified Democratic grass roots, you or I might not have felt moved to such bloody-mindedness as to immediately (and with such ugly relish) threaten our own community with a purge. Then again, we're not queueing up for the chance to be operators in the Grand New Kos Reform Democratic Party, either. Know what? If that's what it looks like, count me the fuck out.
Me too. The size of Armando's head is rivaled only by that of Markos himself. The disrespect with which those two treat the "Kossacks" - without which the site would be nothing - never ceases to amaze me. How ungrateful can you get?

I'm embarrassed that Daily Kos is the flagship blog of the left. What a wasted opportunity.

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