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From The Right Track:
If You Support Abortion and Homosexuality ... La Shawn Barber has a couple of questions you should consider, if you dare.
Ooooh! Do I dare? Well, what does LaShawn want to know?
Got a couple of questions for you. Set-up first. As you may know, technology has advanced to such a degree that parents may choose to kill — pardon me, “sex-select” — their babies if they have sex-related diseases such as hemophilia. The latest topic of discussion in Britain is whether sex selection should be allowed for family planning purposes.

Not mentioned in the article, but an obvious cause of controversy, is that “undesirable” human beings will be killed. My questions to liberal homosexual and non-homosexual abortion supporters are these:

If a significant number of women begin choosing to abort their babies because doctors discovered a “gay gene,” would your stance on the “right to choose” change or shift in any way? Would the number of women killing these “defective” babies make a difference? Is one potentially gay dead baby one too many?
Answer: no, no, and no.

Hmm. That wasn't that scary.

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