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One more time

I didn't really want to post on this again, but I feel the need to defend myself against the claim that I have somehow misrepresented the rift between Kos and NARAL.

Kos and Ezra are trying to make this about Langevin, when that whole mess really has nothing to do with anything, other than a reason for them to resent NARAL. All that NARAL asked for is that the human implications of the abortion issue not be forgotten in the face of the political implications (which are of course intimately connected with the human implications but are nonetheless conceptually distinguishable).

What, pray tell, does this have to do with Langevin or Chafee or NARAL's other strategic mistakes? Again, let me reiterate that I don't necessarily disagree with Kos, Ezra, Neil, and others who think NARAL is not keeping the big picture in mind. That's just a different question. The NARAL statement is addressing the tendency to view abortion rights primarily through the prism of how it affects the Democratic Party. I agree with them that this is a problem, especially on Daily Kos. If you don't agree with this, fine - but don't just bash NARAL on unrelated matters.

Furthermore, and this was the main point of my original post, whether or not one agrees with NARAL's methods, what is clear is that Kos has established a clear pattern toward women's issues that alternates between hostility, indifference, and ridicule.

... I mean, does NARAL's endorsement of Chafee invalidate everything they might say from here on out?

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