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Some advice: if you're going to get loudly and publicly indignant about people accusing you of using steroids, you'd better not actually be using steroids:
Rafael Palmeiro, the Baltimore Orioles slugger who at a Congressional hearing in March vehemently denied using steroids, was suspended for 10 days today for violating major league baseball's steroids policy.

The Orioles' first baseman is by far the biggest name suspended under baseball's recently toughened program, which tests for performance-enhancing substances. Over all, he is the seventh major leaguer this season suspended under the new program.

In a telephone conference call today, Palmeiro said he never intentionally took steroids and could not explain how the drugs got into his body, according to The Associated Press. He also apologized and said he would accept his punishment.

"I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period," he said. "Ultimately, although I never intentionally put a banned substance into my body, the independent arbitrator ruled that I had to be suspended under the terms of the program."

UPDATE: Slublog's Maniac Joe asks a good question:
If Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose can be banned for gambling, how can steroids, which ruin the game as much as betting on the outcome, be only a measly 10 day suspension?

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