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Pray for President Bush - Day 1793

From Free Republic (via Daou):
Heavenly Father ... please accept our humble thanks for the good works that You are performing in President Bush. We continue to rejoice in his leadership in helping to free the people of Iraq from their brutal dictator and their lives of enslavement to the terrorist government. Father, as they now finalize their new constitution, we celebrate this victory for humanity and for the love of one nation’s citizenry for another. May Your Holy Name be glorified in all that has taken place and in all that You are waiting to do. Thank You for instilling in our President the desire to do Your will regardless of the political consequences. Help him to continue to commit to You all that he does so that his plans will succeed. May he show that he is wise and understanding by living a good life and by doing all with a humbleness of heart and a spirit inclined to You. Help him always to be obedient to You; to return no one evil for evil; to love and respect his wife; and to seek to advance the cause of freedom. Please give him the mind of Christ, that he may be guided in all decisions that affect this nation and the world.

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