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Revisionist history

Earlier, Jonah Goldberg made the following statement:
Mass bombings of civilians was not considered absolutely immoral in WW2. It has been considered absolutely immoral at least since the Vietnam war
He then posted the text of an email he received in response "from a very serious military guy friend" (seriously) -
Your point 3 might lead some to think there was mass bombings of civilians in Vietnam. Not so. Very precise. Some have argued that the B-52 raids of the latter part of the war favored civilian-casualty-avoiding precision over the safest tactics for our pilots, who were more vulnerable to SAM fire as a result. Not a popular decision with our pilots. From a USAF article:

“In light of the 20,000 tons of bombs that were dropped on the citizens of Hanoi and Haiphong, there were relatively few casualties. Only 1,318 people were killed in Hanoi and 306 in Haiphong, a truly remarkable number. By comparison, during nine days of bombing on Hamburg, Germany, in 1944, less than 10,000 tons were dropped and 30,000 people died.”
Just to set the record straight, the US military indeed did indeed kill a great number of people with bombings during the Vietnam War. Jonah's "very serious military guy friend" is being disingenuous, limiting his remark only to the nation of Vietnam proper, when we all know that the war spilled over into Cambodia under the guidance of Henry Kissinger, where hundreds of thousands were killed.

Now, it may be true that the bombing campaigns weren't as brutal as some would have liked. But the presence of a modicum of restraint is hardly tantamount to the absence of "mass bombing."

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